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Health Care

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Health Care

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Marlise Munoz, an American woman, 33 years old fell in her kitchen in November 2013 with a clot in her lungs which left her brain dead. After being put on life support with no chance of survival, her family was resigned to letting her go but the hospital was not allowed by law of the state of Texas to let her die since she was pregnant. The state made an ethical law in 1999 that a mother who is brain dead with a fetus is to be kept on life support for as long as possible while the ethical medical law and the family view it as unethical. The family of the brain dead ‘patient’ will be most affected by this as they will be forced to see their beloved one on life support but with no chance of ever recovering them as their days alive are a matter of time before they are declared dead or left to die.

An alcoholic patient who may die of liver disease may qualify for a liver transplant. Before they qualify, they must meet requirements that prove that they have undergone counseling or rehabilitation and that they are not drinking anymore with an assessment period of 6 months.
In an event that the patient is capable of making good decisions about their condition, they are allowed to decide. If the patient has a representative, they can make a decision on the patient’s behalf.
Parents can be allowed under special circumstances to medical practices such as chemotherapy to be practiced on their infants. When it is clear that the treatment will only prolong the process of dying for th…

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