Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

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Health and wellness
The aspect of health and wellness is a co-determiner of a nation’s growth and development. It is a trying situation which encompasses the residents within the country. Evidence indicates that great economic entities suffer to the point of declination due to the extraction of key experts from their positions by diseases. In a more critical review, an investigation has asserted that a high mortality rate is associated with lack of physical activity and engagement of inadequate and poor nutrition which absorbs human health. Sources indicate that physical exercises have been dragged by the invention of new technological approaches and machinery equipment in different sectors (Moro, Ewan and Gerardo, 40). Such approach intends to supplement human labor, make work easier, accurate and effective. However, the concept has greatly reduced physical exercise because a small figure participates in physical activities. Evidently, women indicate a higher turn up than men though they endure health sophistications in a larger capacity as compared to men. In an additional view, the older generation asserts a significant figure than the young in the exercise.

Fig. 1 an overview of physical activity turnout in the society
In the second perspective, a high mortality rate has been accelerated by the different foods consumed by the people in the society (Schwarzer, 18). Sources assert that the products have been sophisticated by the producers in order to spur the scale of productivity, production period and enhance profitability. It is a concept which does not consider human health in relation to the products consumption due to the entity’s profit incentive. The study seeks to establish the platform in which health and wellness can be established through exercise and effective nutrition.
Physical exercise
Information indicates that the concept of physical activity prolongs life in the society where those who engage it are more secured to diseases which accrue death. Statistics asserts that the concept protects 60% of the people engaging it from heart disease. It entails cardiac failure which is associated with inadequacy of the heart to pump blood and supply it to the body. Further, lack of such an aspect minimizes the quantity of oxygen and nutrients supplied to enhance respiration ad growth. Evidence indicates that engagement in the exercise enhances cardiovascular respiratory fitness where oxygen is enhanced to every part of the body (Barton, 105). It is an aspect associated with exposure of the body to a condition which spurs the heart’s function. In a different perspective, the aspect of physical exercise exposes an individual to a respective condition which minimizes the establishment of blood hypertension. Statistics indicates that hypertension is a common claimer of life in the American society. Evidently, the disease dominates among the old due to a low capacity of exercise. In a more critical review, exercise manipulates flexibility of the artery and cholesterol level in the body. Investigation indicates that the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries and veins ultimately leads to blockage preventing blood flow to different parts of the body. Therefore, engagement in exercise stimulates the body maximizing adequate heat within the veins; thus, insight breakdown of the cholesterol.
In a different perspective, physical exercise absorbs the negative effects which establish a good platform for cancer infection in a person. The approach keeps a person’s body healthy; thus, upholding lifespan. Evidence indicate that the portion which participate in physical exercise have a reduced rate of early detection to cancer. The different types a cancer infection entails breast cancer, colon, liver and skin cancer (Schwarzer, 12). Evidently, exposure of the body to effective exercises violates the relevant conditions where cancer can establish and absorb a person’s life. Statistics indicates that the medical facilities in America stand firm in encouraging the health consumers to participate in physical exercises in order to avoid respective conditions which embrace cancer among other diseases.
Further, physical activity is a core aspect of enhancing adequate metabolism of sugar in the body. In a more critical approach, it intends to absorb conditions which accelerate diabetes mellitus. The process ensures that glucose is adequately digested and enhanced to the blood to transmit nutrients to the demanding parts of the body. It is a concept which leads and paves a way for glucose to extend to the body cells (Schwarzer, 22). Evidently, such a situation plays the role of insulin in the body if it is dormant. Statistics indicates that the concept has enhanced prevention of the disease in a wide capacity in the United States of America where a large population is catered by the exercise.
The concept of physical activity absorbs obesity in a wide range where it insights weight loss. It is a concept associated with the breakdown of excessive fat within the body which allows it to grow and develop an obese condition. The exercise endorses the body to utilize every product since it is stimulated and thirsted to consume it (Barton, 102). Evidently, people who not engage physical activity provide a condition for obesity in the sense that metabolism is not going to completion. In addition, the condition absorbs one’s psychological perception where he or she is not able to think to the optimum condition. It is a perception where the mind is extremely overweighed by the body due to lack of adequate metabolism. The concept undermines blood flow to the brain and insufficient oxygen where one is not able to establish effective decisions. In addition, physical exercises minimize the chances of chronic disease infection which involves heart failure due to the inadequacy of the heart’s effectiveness. In a more critical review, the aspect stimulates the body to enhance adequate excretion of waste products from the body through the kidney which insights sophistication to the heart.
Evidently, an adequate nutrition is recommended to associate sufficient carbohydrates which establish adequate energy to engage in activities. Secondly, it should have enough proteins which will spur body development. Finally, the nutrition should have enough vitamins which will grow the body within different environments escaping health defects. The American medical facilities provide such a diet to the admitted patients and further recommend it to outpatients and the entire American fraternity to rescue the nation from the health crisis. However, some people violate such recommendations attracting the diseases (Costagliola et al, 30). It is a condition where the products consumed by the people associate chemicals and materials which absorb the health condition of a person. Such an aspect associates the consumer behavior in a business phenomenon where they tend to buy products which are cheap than those that are expensive. It is a situation where the companies which produce consumables have realized the negative effect emanating from physicians recommendations in medical facilities to health consumers. Therefore, they have chosen to minimize the prices of those commodities which attract health defects.

Fig. 2 overview of an adequate nutrition for a person
In the first step, the health facilities recommend the use of healthy oils when cooking. They entail lipids, for instance, olive and canola where such oils do not solidify within the veins and arteries. It is evident that when a person consumes solidified oils the body is not able to digest it to completion in the sense that the oil is very sophisticated (Barton, 107). Further, people who remain dormant for a long time without engaging tiresome activities embrace a good condition for solidification of the oils within the veins where such an aspect accelerates blockage. Evidently, such a condition can spur cardiac attack which in most cases results in immediate death. Therefore, the recommendation establishes as a remedy for such an effect where a person consuming such oils remain secure from such an attack. In the second perception a person is recommended to take adequate vegetables. They serve as sources of different vitamins in the body which play distinct roles in the growth of body parts and prevention of core diseases which attract death.
Evidently, such disease entails diabetes where one should consume a lot of vegetables to spur adequate metabolism of glucose in the body where it is enhanced to the body cells. In an additional view, the use of fruits with different colors ensures that a person retains adequate blood to spur different activities without failure. For instance, women are highly recommended to use many fruits as possible to establish adequate blood which may be lost especially during delivery where its inadequacy can spur death (Akobeng and Adrian, 34). Further, it is recommendable to use water, coffee or tea with minimized sugar. Such an approach absorbs the condition where diabetes can establish and enhance death. Further, the approach ensures that the victims of diabetes are adequately protected in the sense that such beverages do not spur or stimulate the negative effects which emanate from the disease. It is recommendable to use whole grains which entail brown rice and wheat grains where such products minimize the chances of engaging diabetes. Sources indicate that the digestion of such products is effective and goes to completion ensuring that a person is safe from excess glucose in the body. In a certain perspective, health nutrition embraces the use of fish and other relevant meat with the avoidance of red meat. Evidently, the red meat attracts a high chance to the sophistication of chronic diseases in the body.
In conclusion, the aspect of exercise and nutrition plays an intrinsic role in the management of health within the society. It is a condition where the practices absorb conditions in which chronic diseases can pave through attracting death. Such disease entails diabetes, blood hypertension, cancer and asthma among other health hazards (Barton, 104). Statistics indicates that the concept of physical activity has highly been undermined by technology and machinery. However, the medical facilities stand firm to confront such an aspect through the provision of adequate guideline to engage exercises, for instance, seeking for gym facilities where they can exercise. Further, they recommend on engaging soccer games and running stimulating the body so that it may be relieved from undigested products. In the second perception, they recommend certain consumables which avoid chances of enduring certain diseases.

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