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HACCP Plan for Fresh, Frozen, and Pre-Cooked Chicken

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HACCP Plan for Fresh, Frozen, and Pre-Cooked Chicken

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HACCP Plan for Fresh, Frozen, and Pre-Cooked Chicken
HACCP Plan for Fresh Chicken
Like the other products consumed by people across the world, the Fresh Chicken has an HACCP plan that is set to regulate and ensure that the products distributed to the consumers are safe and suitable for human consumption. In doing so, HACCP has a distinct strategy that is implemented to ensure that the fresh chicken products sold to the customers are not harmful to their health. The HACCP plan starts with the hygiene conditions that should be observed when the chicken is being slaughtered. Hygiene is a paramount aspect that should be observed by all the individuals who are handling the human consumption products. Therefore, the environment where the chicken is being slaughtered should be clean and free from all the contaminators. That will ensure that the fresh chicken is safe hence protecting the consumers from the various types of food-borne diseases.
The other HACCP plan for the fresh chicken is ensuring that the chicken is sold to the customers while still fresh. That will protect the consumers from the effects that may result from consuming of overstayed or rotten chicken. In doing so, HACCP ensures that enough slaughtered are not excess, therefore, preventing their overstaying in the market. HACCP ensures that the fresh chicken products that are not sold within a day are not sold to the customers the next day. Overstayed chicken develops harmful products that are a threat to the human health. Moreover, HACCP ensures that the temperatures under which fresh chicken are kept are appropriate thereby ensuring that they stay fresh and suitable for human consumption for a longer time. For instance, HACCP ensures that the chicken is stored in an area where there is free circulation of air and free from various organisms that will sully the chicken. Moreover, enhancing hygiene of the storage areas is the other strategy that is used by HACCP in enhancing the safety of the chicken products. To ensure the safety of the fresh chicken, HACCP ensures that the fresh chicken follows the following food flow.
HACCP Plan for Frozen Chicken
Frozen chicken involves a distinct procedure whose safety is ensured and facilitated by the HACCP well-defined plan. Freezing chicken is a means that is used to preserve the food from the time it is preserved to the time it is consumed. Preservation of food is, therefore, a means that is used to store food that is already cooked to be consumed in the future. Freezing of the food, however, should be effectively and carefully done to ensure that the food is healthy for human consumption. HACCP has a well-defined plan that should be implemented on the frozen food to ensure its safety. That will protect the consumers from negative effects that may come from the consumption of rotten food. HACCP require that the frozen chicken should be should be frozen solid to eliminate the chances of survival of various organisms that may make the food to rot. Moreover, it is required that the chicken products should be stored in a place where there is free circulation of cold air, hence keeping the chicken fresh. Nonetheless, when preserved, the chicken should be labeled accordingly with their dates of expiration. That will keep the society free from consuming expired chicken products.
Further, the temperature under which the chicken products are preserved should be constantly observed and monitored to ensure that it is appropriate. Moreover, HACCP requires a high degree of hygiene that protects the metal from contamination. The preservation of the food using extremely low temperatures threats the food from hazards include; chemical, biological as well as physical threats that may result in unsafe finished products that are consumed by people. The plan further requires a high level of hygiene where the refrigerators or the other apparatus that are used in the preservation process are clean and meet the required the hygienic conditions.
The cooking, freezing and also distribution of the frozen chicken involves various steps that are well defined and followed to ensure that the food that reaches the target consumer is fit for consumption. The following diagram represents the processes that the frozen chicken passes before it is consumed. In each of the defined states that the frozen chicken passes, HACCP ensures the hygiene to see that the chicken is not contaminated. Moreover, the regulation requires that the frozen chicken should successfully pass all the stages as mentioned above for it to be fit for human consumption.
Receiving the chicken
HACCP Plan for Pre-Cooked Chicken
Precooked chicken refers to the chicken that is not shelf stable and is not fully cooked. The meal, therefore, requires further cooking to ensure that it is safe from the micro-organisms that may cause harm to the humans if consumed. HACCP ensures a methodical preventive tactic that focuses on preventing the pre-cooked chicken hazards that may result from the production processes, preservation process or other stages that are engaged in the preparation of the chicken. HACCP requires that all the pre-cooked chicken observe a high level of hygiene where all the processes involved should observe the required hygienic conditions. Moreover, it is required that the chicken is labeled accordingly with their production as well as expiry dates. That will ensure that consumers do not use expired chicken products, thereby, protecting them from the adverse effects that may result from the consumption of expired of rotten chicken products. Being fast preparation food, HACCP has a recipe that guides individuals in the preparation of the meal. When followed, it will ensure that the food is fully cooked hence killing the micro-organisms that may be a threat to human health. The plan will ensure that the food is safe for human consumption and ensure that all the potential threats are eliminated. The food flow for the pre-cooked chicken involves the following stages that ensure that the chicken is observed properly to ensure its safety and fitness for human consumption.
Purchasing of the chicken
Receiving the chicken
Storing the chicken
Preparation of the chicken
Cooking of the chicken
From the discussion of the three HACCP plans, it is apparent that the plan for the fresh chicken is the best. That is because it is manageable as it does not involve many procedures as compared to the other two plans. Therefore, it is applicable in various situations where certain conditions are not available. Moreover, the spoilt fresh chicken is easy to be established as it does not involve any preservation. The frozen and the pre-cooked chicken may be affected by various conditions that are not noted during the process, hence accelerating their expiry. That will result in the consumption of inappropriate and harmful food.

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