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Gun Control

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Gun Control. Gun control is a very contentious topic that has elicited mixed views from different groups of people. To some individuals owning a gun is a right that should not be at any time taken away from them while to others, guns should not be freely left at the hands of all types of individuals as they may misuse the guns by engaging in criminal activities hence the need for stricter gun control (Roleff). Gun control refers to the policies and legislation that regulate; the sale, ownership, use, manufacture and possession transfer of guns and other firearms. The extent of gun control has always varied from one country to another with some countries being lenient on firearms usage and some countries being very strict on firearms ownership and use.
The recent increase in crime rate where those involved have used guns and lead to mass damages and many casualties has lead to a rethink on the issue of gun control. An example was in the recent school shootings in the United States which left scores of students dead and many others injured. Many countries and states, as well as politicians, have been advocating for stricter gun laws to reduce the crime in the society. Other influential people in different countries have also joined in this campaign.

The strict laws on gun control have lead to a divided opinion on their effectiveness in solving the gun related crime. Supporters of the regulations are of the opinion that when gun ownership is freely left to as many people as po…

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