Gun Control Policy

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Gun Control Policy

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Should gun control policy be adopted in the US?
The debate on whether gun control policy should be adopted fully in the US has gained popularity in the recent past. The debate is considered lively and vital towards the realization of the amicable solution to wrongful gun usage that is becoming a matter of great concern. The debate is executed among individuals of different age groups including students, policy makers, gun owners and law enforcers. It takes place virtually in various gatherings, friends meetings, and organized forums. Similarly, the debate is major between those who support gun ownership and those who hold the view that it is a time the law is reviewed.
According to Agresti (1), the debate on whether gun control policy or anti-gun laws should be adopted is attributable to some reasons. The first reason is the rising cases of mass shootings that have been evident in the recent past in various locations including schools. Many students and civilians have died irresponsibly due to the wrong usage of guns with the latest incident being the incident at San Bernardino, California where over 14 people have been reported dead while over 17 people are wounded (Turkewitz 1). The second reason is the rising trend of intolerance among gun holders. Such incidences of gun misuse are fuelling disquiet among stakeholders in the nation and other states. The disquiet is leading to the affirmation by many individuals about the need for the adoption of gun control policy that is highly effective.
Notably, many lives have been lost due to irresponsible gun usage according to the report released by the police department on the level of crime and death cases relating to gun misuse (Donohue 1). The report indicates that innocent people are increasingly being killed and attribute the killings to lack of accountability including respect to humanity. The level of damage caused to individuals calls for the regulation of gun usage in the nation. This paper provides comprehensive information relating to why gun control policy should be adopted in the US.
Thesis statement
The severe effects of reckless gun usage that include mass killings of innocent individuals and destruction of property command a great need for the adoption of the anti-gun laws to avert the increasing cases of mass shootings.
Why gun control policy should be adopted
As noted by Donohue (1)., the irresponsible usage of guns that has resulted to many incidences of mass shootings, increased homicide crimes and other forms of unwarranted killings has elicited mixed reactions on whether gun control policy should be adopted or not. Opinion is divided between two groups that include those supporting the move and those opposing the idea. In particular, the proponents of the introduction of antigun laws cite numerous reasons to justify their position. First, they hold that the level of intolerance among gun owners is causing more harm than good as many gun holders resort to shooting at innocent people aimlessly.
Some do this out of personal frustrations that others have nothing to do with such as the latest incident and San Bernardino (Turkewitz 1). The second reason is the frequency of gun misuse and irresponsible killings of innocent citizens. The increased loss of lives is concerning given that no one has the right to terminate someone’s life prematurely. The notable incidences that depict the rising cases of mass shootings include the December 2012 incident where a rogue gun holder fired at a group of students killing over 20 and the most recent one at San Bernardino where over 14 people have lost their lives (Turkewitz 1). Therefore, the guarantee that such cases will end, and that gun holders will act responsibly lives no option but for the government to impose a gun control policy.
The anti-gun laws are also necessary given that the privileged holders are continually abusing the opportunity they have. They have failed the test of accountability and moral usage of firearms (Agresti 1). Flows within the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 is also cited as a reasonable ground that justifies the need for anti-gun laws in the US. The Act is detrimental since it allows even ex-convicts to own guns. This may remain a major catalyst to the irresponsive gun usage in the nation.
On the other hand, critics of the introduction of gun control policy affirm that such a policy contravenes the rights of individuals as provided in the bill of rights. They hold that the bill of rights prohibits the government from controlling gun usage and that this right should not be withdrawn. They also state that gun ownership was enshrined in the constitution and allowed to facilitate individual’s defense from internal and external attacks (Agresti 1). The main aim of this aspect is to foster the realization of equal rights to security that the citizens are accorded under the law. Similarly, the critics argue that the ones misusing the guns are a few individuals as opposed to the majority who are highly accountable and responsible with how they use their guns. Therefore, the government should find a fair strategy that only eliminates the irresponsible users but not to deny citizens the right of gun ownership.
Despite the spirited arguments by both critics and supporters of the new policy, it remains a fact that innocent lives are lost unfairly. It also remains a fact that civilian gun holders are threatening the safety of individuals in the nation just by being gun holders (Carter 3). Similarly, it is increasingly becoming a fact that gun owners have failed to exercise tolerance, caution and correct use of firearms based on the increasing cases of mass shootings, homicide crimes, street crime and other forms of crime.
The notable cases and severe incidences of gun misuse include the recent one that occurred at San Bernardino where over 14 people are reported dead, the mass shooting of eight students by Christopher Harper, the killing of three people and over 16 receiving serious injuries in Hood, Texas and the incident at the black worship center among others (Turkewitz 1). This year alone over 10 cases of mas shootings have been reported making history as the year where the highest cases of irresponsible gun usage have been reported. Police statistics also indicate an increasing rate of homicide crimes including street crime and violence caused by gun holders. Evidently, the latest happenings have brought about immense skepticism about the future of the nation and its citizens (Duwe 23). Particularly, concerns are a rising about the safety of students who have become the major victims, religious faithful’s, ordinary citizens in the nation, the employed and sports personalities.
Clearly, the facts presented affirm that there is a great need for gun ownership to be restricted in the US. The restriction is necessary to ensure that more lives are not lost going forward. It is equally necessary to guarantee the safety of everyone in the nation anywhere and anytime. It is sad that innocent lives are lost thereby causing psychological trauma and stress related complications to the victims including their families. Human life is very important, and if gun holders cannot practice ethics by contributing in the protection of everyone’s life in the nation but instead kill innocent people, then there is no need for them to own guns.
Indeed, it is unfair for people to lose lives prematurely and that the only way to achieve sanity by reducing the unwarranted killings is through the formulation of effective gun control policy. The policy would help in restricting gun acquisition, strengthen the implementation of payback gun program that was recently initiated and the imposition of stiffer penalties on the reckless usage of guns.
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