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Guilty by assosciation, identify and and explore the history surrounding another cultural group that has been made “guilty by association”.

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Guilty by Association
Once bitten, twice shy. Most people are familiar with the saying due to the frequency of using it on different occasions. It is used to sensitize people on taking precautions. If something bad happens to you unexpectedly, one then takes the initiative to protect themselves from the reoccurrence of the same. If one had already taken precautions but something bad still happens, one researches and finds a better mechanism to protect themselves. The intention is to ensure that no harm reaches the individual, or only a small percentage, that the individual can handle. When taking the precautions, sometimes innocent people are caught up in between and are left stranded.
Most countries have security measures put up in place to protect the citizens. However, most of these countries have encountered security threats at some point. The different countries then increase their security details and point out any threats that may lead to security breaches in the countries. America is such a country where they have always had their security plan in check. However, looking at when the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor, America had to protect its people. They took measures that directly affected some innocent Japanese, who were American citizens.
One of the steps that America took to reduce the chances of such a reoccurrence was to relocate Japanese-Americans from the West Coast. The persons relocated were about …

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