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Group home for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Group home for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Neighbor health care agency will be a health care center that will be dealing with the caring of four patients who are having mental challenges. Each patient will have an employee to handle on a daily basis. The employee will be responsible for dressing the patient, washing them as well as doing them the other daily activities (“Fast Business Plan” 5). There will also be a general employee who will survey the activities done by the other employee in the premises. The minimum salary that will be earned by an employee will be $11, and the maximum amount will be $45 per hour. The employees will work for eight hours in a day, and therefore that result in a minimum of $88 per employee per day and a maximum of$360 per employee per day. The employees will be earning their salaries every two weeks, and each shall be making $5000 per fortnight.
On the patients, however, they will be fed on three meals, breakfast, lunch, and supper. The monthly bill that will be paid by each patient on the meals and other will be $4,000 per patient, and that amounts to $16,000 for all the four patients per month (“Fast Business Plan” 5). The patients will also pay the mortgage and other bills of $2,500 per month, and that will amount to a total of $10,000 per month. Other activities done to the patient will cost $4,000 per patient per week, and it results in a total of $16,000.
Some of the expenses that the management shall incur include the daily mea…

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