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Greek Political Thought

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Greek Political Thought

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

Coursework: Greek Political Thought
1. The Athenian did not want a city too close to the sea. Explain how this relates to: A. His economic views about trade and wealth. B. His view of the navy, including its potential dangers to citizen
In Laws IV, Plato, using his trademark dialogues, states that although the city is close to the city it is far enough for its citizens to feel at ease and well-provided. Also, the eighty stadia provide the city with adequate protection and space for it not to depend exclusively on trade. However, such things are not of great abundance, and since the city does not provide it all, some trade is needed. Concerning the navy, Plato considers that it was better for the city giving many times seven youths instead of fighting against a fiercer enemy as it would have brought a worst outcome to the city. Hence, a city that can defend itself, yet does not seek war is better suited to prevail.
2. A. Explain how Plato viewed rich men about goodness. B. How many classes would exist and how would they be restricted to wealth?
Wealth is by no means a guarantee of happiness. Accordingly, the rich would be neither happier nor better than the poor as they are only expected to be so about their wealth. About the classes, Plato proposes that all men should go as equals to this colony he speaks of. Nevertheless, since that is not possible, he offers four classes on which no lack nor…

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