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Great Expectations

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Pip Influencer in the Great Expectations
It is tricky to pinpoint the exact character with the most significant impact on Pip’s life as we come through many characters, which in a big way influence pips life in one way or the other. For instance, firstly Joe and Mrs. Joe, these two acted more like his parents after the death of his parents. The two must have had a great impact on Joe’s life and particularly Joe, who was a more confident of Pip and with whom they shared and went through tough times together in Mrs. Joe’s hands. Secondly, we have Biddy, the young woman who helps Pip to learn fundamental studies. Pip primary influence is experienced during his encounter with Miss Havisham residence where he met Estella, who in big contrast gives pressure to pip to learn so that he may be able to fit in his class. We also have Herbert, who was more of a confidant to Pip than a mere friend, and he influenced Pip even in times of decision-making. However, in my primary opinion in bringing up the person and character in Pip at the end, the person who had the great impact in the most positive way is the stranger introduced to us in the first chapter –the ex-convict his real name Abel Magwitch.
Abel Magwitch is introduced to us in the first chapter where he meets Pip in his parents’ graveyard and threatens to kill him if he does not come back with some stolen food “wattles.” As we learn later, Abel Magwitch got a g…

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