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Grain structure development in solid state additive manufacturing and welding – Al-Li-alloys

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Al-Li Alloy Grain Structure Development in Solid State Manufacturing and Welding
Aluminum has attracted great interest in research due to the rise of the need of reducing the natural weight of vehicles, aerospace and other structures in the industry of transportation. The properties of aluminum make it favorable for structural engineering (Kablov 160). These properties which are favorable include: resistance to corrosion, having a good strength to weight ratio in addition to machinability. As compared to steel, aluminum can be recycled easily which saves the smelting energy. The weldability of aluminum alloys is good (Olabode 20). However, it becomes challenging when welding alloys with high strength. These are the likes of 7xxx series which normally have a couple of challenges.
Metal structures which are lightweight welded are being demanded increasingly due to the efficiency they have in use of energy and sustainable development in general. There are two different Al alloy designations which include wrought and cast alloys. There is need to carry out a critical survey researching in the field of aluminum-lithium alloy presenting data about their microstructure, heat treatment of the sheets, welds and forging besides phase composition (Antipov 460). The process entails the protective alloying, oxidation kinetics, the susceptibility of cracks and hydrogen in the Al-Li alloy. After the analysis, the grain structure and s…

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