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Graduate Essay/ Law School

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Graduate Essay/ Law School

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Education

Level: University

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Words: 550

Admission Essay
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Admission Essay
The prospect of attending DePaul University College of Law is incredibly exciting for my educational and professional development. I desire to pursue a career in law because this field will help me gain a practical insight into authority, the power of law, and interpretation of various policies. Besides completing my undergraduate studies at DePaul with a 3.9 GPA, my vast experience in financial management will enable me to navigate through graduate school dynamically. The increased financial management challenges have proven to me the necessity of advancing my studies in law is critical. I need to enroll at DePaul graduate school to gain stricter ethical and professional standards.
Studying at DePaul University Collee of Law forms part of the measures that I would like to undertake to achieve my academic and career goals. The college course and additional benefits form a step forward in the realization of my professional growth in the field of law. My motivation is intrinsic in striving for an outstanding professional performance. Perhaps the most important influence that shaped my ambition to study for a degree in law is out of the experience that I gained working as an intern for various laws firms in Chicago during my holiday breaks.
As a financial controller in Universal Management, Inc., I have gained a myriad of skills that I will transfer to my graduate studies. For instance, I consi…

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