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The effect of religion on African American culture

Name Institution Instructor Date The effect of religion on African American culture According to Carter (374) religion has been playing a critical role in facilitating the fusion between the cultural practices and beliefs of the African-Americans and the Native-Americans. This achievement started in the 18th century when Christianity began to record a rapid spread across many regions including North America (Weisenfeld 1). The spread has led to a paradigm shift in the cultural practices of African-Americans. The religion has greatly affected the society of African-American by inculcating a new thought and perception of the diverse phenomenon in their minds (Carter 375). The new thoughts...

Is English an universal language (Lingua Franca)?

Is English a universal language? Student’s name Institution affiliation Introduction English is the most used language internationally. It has been used as a language that unites people in different transactions and activities. This could be attached to the reason that English is quite an easy language to understand and speak. The organization of the letters has a simplified format that any person keen to learn would understand. It is the most used language in movies, music, and most world plays. Although English is simple, it also has numerous vocabularies that anyone interested in learning has to learn. It is easy to learn the language depending on the purpose the person...

canadian economy

CANADA’S ECONOMY: Name: Institution: Economics is the study of scarcity and choice. Canada is considered to have a mixed economy. It has the following characteristics that we can say are most important to identify it as a mixed economy: • Public enterprise • Private enterprise • Welfare state We can say that the above characteristics are most important because, as a mixed economy, the government and the people are the ones who make choices for the state, and the individuals are responsible as give their opinions on important matters regarding the economy and on what’s best for Canada. The government publicly has ownership of some industries. The people also have private...

Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist

Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist. Position Applying For Master in Physical Therapy Physical Medicine. Career Objective: To become a distinguished and notable master clinician and an astute academician in my domain of practice. I want to make a significant improvement in the quality of care to my patients, and joining the world leaders in my domain, for rehabilitating the patients successfully. I would also like to disseminate knowledge to my team and subordinates in order to ensure patient-centric care. The change that I will bring in the quality of life of my patients will proudly help me one day to say within myself Vedi, Vini and Vici which means I came, I saw and I conquered. Present...

The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date The Red Convertible Introduction The story of Lyman Lamartine book ‘The Red Convertible’ summarizes his relationship with his brother Henry who he could no longer understand after joining the military, and that was being a big problem that grew contributing to Henrys suicide. What could have caused this? In the narrative tells the story tells us of the two brothers who came from a native Indian village a place as it is described by the author to be filled with happy and good people .it is explained that the two brothers were driving home as they meet a girl, Susy who they both liked and hence offered to drive her home where they are...

Teenage Suicide

Name Instructor Course Date Teenage Suicide Suicide among teens has become one of the emerging issue our community. It has become the major cause of death among teens. The statistics are shocking for society, government and policy makers. It is found that almost one out of five teenagers is committing suicides. The numbers are even greater for those who attempted suicide major reasons for suicide are: the rebellious behavior, homosexuality, frustration, and hopelessness. The most popular ways of committing suicide are: using firearms, an overdose of drugs and poison. Suicide is one of the biggest public health challenges among teenagers with self-harm being high and suicide being the second...


Sleep There have been claims that the brain goes offline when one is sleeping. Other studies have proven that the medulla can be put to task immediately when a person is falling asleep and when one is sleeping. According to these studies, humans are being far from being entirely shut down from what is happening during sleep. These studies showed that it was only possible to survey the brain during sleep. A research was done using 18 participants with scalp sensors to sense the brain waves. The participants listened to a list of words; were animals and objects. They were then directed to press a button using their left hand once they denoted the word animal and the right hand if the word denoted an...

The workout plan

The workout plan is for Chris, who is a high school student with age of 14 years. He is a male and is5 feet 10 inches tall with a body weight of 120 pounds. Chris has a body fat % of 9%. His goal is to improve upon his body weight so as to secure a place in the school wrestling team. He consumes a lot of processed foods like fast foods and cafeteria and exhibits an unhealthy diet pattern. Chris specifically wants to become stronger, which can be achieved by increasing his muscle mass or lean body mass. Baseline Parameters The present Body Mass Index of the individual is 17.22 kg/square-meter. This suggests that the BMI of Chris is underweight. To become stronger and healthy his target BMI should be...


Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Personal Negotiation Project (PNP) Overview (20 pts): Topic: Negotiation with my roommates about cleaning the kitchen Parties: Me Alex - Roommate Tom - Roommate The negotiation took place on 17th June 2015 at 8 P.M in our hostel room. Interests (20 pts): We all agreed that hygiene is an important part of our lives. The cleanliness of the kitchen was especially crucial. I did not care about cleanliness in the kitchen in the past, but my former roommate in Tempe, Arizona changed my perspective. However, my roommates did not seem concerned that our kitchen was in a mess. My interest was to decide on a plan that would ensure that the kitchen was always...