Gods friendship in a world of unfriendless

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Gods friendship in a world of unfriendless

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Human beings are more than their physical bodies; they have emotional parts, which correspond to their souls. Each person’s soul is unique in the world, and a friend becomes invaluable gift in every person’s life. A friend represents a physical embodiment of the affection of God to each. A friend provides an expansion of another’s capacity to experience love and offer a consistent reminder of the blessings of God. A true friend is one that can dint his or her essence on their person’s soul. True friendship holds even through the most difficult tests and periods and produces spasm of unspoken love that exists between the two. Throughout the various books in the Bible, humanity is constantly reminded of God’s friendship, a rather deep form of divine friendship, and the manner in which such is fostered throughout the life of an individual. The books tend to remind humanity that agape, God’s friendship with humanity is a robust form of affection and that such is worthy of attention and honor from every individual of faith. The purpose of this paper is to determine God’s friendship in a word filled with unfriendliness.
Characteristics of a True Friend
Friendship is a vital element in human life, and this paper can asserts that every person needs a friend or friends, and the term can e vague can may refer to acquaintances’ for instance Facebook friends. However, in its rich and full meaning, the term refers to certain qualities from a select number of people that provide support and influence in a profound way. It is important to reiterate that from birth, cannot choose relatives, they are provided through family relations. However, it is the prerogative of every individual to choose their friends. In the Bible, Abraham is mentioned as friend, and in particular, by King Jehoshaphat who face a war with three neighboring kingdoms. In a specific reference to the friendship between Abraham and God, he sought God to steer them in war, asking God to give victory to the people of Israel descendants of Abraham His Friend. Abraham friendship with God is further mentioned in Isaiah, when God talks about the people of Israel descendants of Abraham his friend and in the book of James in the New Testament. God’s direct friendship with Abraham in the Old Testament books helped to build the nation of Israel promised by God through a son, even though Abraham and Sarah were in their old age. God appeared to Abraham as amongst as one the three celestial visitors, specifically by the oaks of Mamre, while Abraham was sitting by the door of his tent.
Every individual in this world can mention countless of characters off a person, who they think, might qualify as a true friend. However, there are core characters of true friendship, and these include one who honors the other’s thoughts and feelings, accepts the other individual as he is, prods the other individual towards integrity, honest, and dependable. However, these friendship hallmarks cannot be gotten from fellow human beings as the world is filled with unfriendliness. Unlike man, the God in heaven adore in reflection in his infinite Almighty Spirit, and this the reason human beings have joy and enjoy all the desires from this world. The person in this world who finds and acknowledges God, through his agents on earth and in heaven has every holy desire of the world and every joy imaginable.
Human friendship is certainly differently manifested compared to the Godly one, as they exist no specific goal, and no strives, hence such a type of friendship lacks any intrinsic narrative value. This does not imply that an individual should not work to be better friends. However, our human nature often impedes such a drive, however, it is important that one should practice more tirelessly the ideals that strengthen true friendship. It is typical of friendship, which makes people go through cyclical periods of togetherness, and then separation, without reexamining the basic tenets of true friendship.
Delight with God’s Friendship
The Bible talks about finding delight in real friendship with God, the true Friendship with God is proclaimed, more than just a simple feeling in the world composed of unfriendliness. The verses in the Chapter mentioned above declares that the presence of God as friend is felt when one is in prayer. This can be taken to mean that such a form of friendship is an intimate link with God, and one does not even need to request the permission of God to be shown God’s will. Moreover, it is a valid proof that an individual is moving towards a certain level of confidence, and which ascertains that the individual is closing on the ultimate phase of steadfastness in faith. A right-standing steadfastness in faith implies so many things, for instance, having a life full of freedom, liberty, delight, and being the God’s will. Further, this means that the actions of an individual, albeit considered as commonsense actions are the will of God; although a feeling of restraints might imply that a person’s spirit is holding up, also an influence from the will of God. A person is free to make personal decisions in conformity to a delightful and perfect relationship with God, and in full knowledge that if such a decision goes haywire, then God in His true sense shall produce a restraint, which the individual must, and this is the essence of true friendship.
A Friend of the World Loses Friendship with God
In some verses in the Bible, there is a message to the effect that if one becomes a friend of the world, then looses out friendship with God. Logically, this means that every individual is a friend of God, and it is only lost upon friendship with the rest of the world. For instance, God warns adulterous people that their friendship with the world implies being the enemy of God and there is the other information on the world hating God’s friends. Certainly, the two Bible verses are talking about the desire of the human soul to place material desires and lust above everything. Material desires such as wealth, money, lusts compromise physical friendships with fellow human beings and with God. It is common to hear everywhere that the measure of success is wealth, a fall that followed Judas Iscariot to the tomb. The writers of the New Testament were characterized by their desire in sharing all their material possessions, the hallmark of true friendship that was consistent with the call of God. There are approximately sixty-nine verses in the Bible that elucidate the issue of friendship with God, both in the New Testament and the Old Testament. It is important to believe that the friendship from God is one true and solid rock of affection in a sea of unfriendliness all over the world. Developing friendship cannot be compared to any other relationship; a relationship that one can choose and born into such a relationship. Friendship can be terminated anytime because Friendship is tenuous, and highly doubtable that friendship can be very free and unconstrained. Friendship should be a genuine relationship on its own from other filial relationship that most people are accustomed to, such as marriage and family.
The love of the world is to lose friendship with God, and true friendship should hold through most difficult periods. Having a perfect an unwavering friendship with fellow human beings is extremely difficult, and this is because human being’s friendship moves through periods of delight to periods of complete separation. Abraham is the only individual mentioned in the Bible as a friend of God. Four verses made this assertion specifically, and this means that his character and mannerisms found favor in God, and God manifested himself to Abraham through human beings and Angel.
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