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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275


The goals for Michelle Knight include:
Knight will participate in a support group with other victims of captivity to help her share and overcome her experiences.
As she indicated during her interview, Knight still recalls her ordeal at the hands of her captor. It is therefore essential to help her overcomes the ordeal by sharing the experience with others victims.
Knight will be connected with a social worker who will follow up on her progress of recovery.
This goal will help the social worker determine if the interventions implemented in the case of Knight are working or need to be readjusted to ensure she recovers effectively.
Knight will be integrated into the community by connecting her with her family and friends.
Having been in captivity for eleven years, Knight might find the changes in the world to be challenging hence she needs her friends and family to assist her in adapting.
The objectives, on the other hand, include:
To ensure that Knight joins a support group for the next three months.
This objective will ensure that the first goal is achieved as sharing the experiences of captivity. According to Gitterman (2014), support group are essential in discussing practical concerns and emotional issues associated with an experience.
To ensure that Knight improves in various aspects of life in the next three months.
The realization of this objective will be ensured by the participation of the social w…

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