Global Warming

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Global Warming

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Global warming is an environmental peril that is brought about by the release of carbon dioxide to the environment that acts as a blanket to the earth leading to the warming of the earth. The problem is caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and other natural sources of energy (Matawal & Maton, 2013). Waste management practices and other agricultural practices do accelerate the global warming rate through the release of nitrous oxide and methane gasses. This has led to a high increasing rate of global warming in the world. Therefore, this paper argues the proposals about the initiative of global warming. The paper shall propose and prove a solution to global warming. This shall be looking at different arguments from different world scholars on how they view the problem of global warming.

Solutions for Global Warming

Industries and households should apply the usage of energy-efficient products. This is because electronic gadgets produce a large percent that contributes to global warming at home places and in industries. On the same note, the world should go nuclear. This is because nuclear technologies do produce low carbon emissions as compared to other forms of energy (Salter, 2007). Nuclear technology is a safer method to use in reducing global warming though it do pose a lot of technological threat and security to the world at large. Similarly, world nations should phase out the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels produce more carbon emissions to the environment than any other product that is used for energy production. Therefore, the phasing out will help in the reduction of the dependence of fossil fuels in the nations of the world.
Households and industries should switch off gadgets and machinery when the gadgets are not in usage. These particular devices, when left in use, produce a lot of energy that highly contribute to global warming. Therefore, if these types of machinery are switched off, electrical energy will be saved, and global warming will be reduced. On the same note, deforestation should be stopped and reduce forest degradation. Deforestation leads to low absorption of greenhouse gasses that are produced to the environment by burning of fossil fuels (Matawal & Maton, 2013). This is because the number of trees is less than the required number of trees that are required to absorb the gasses from the environment.

The world nations should come up with a policy that requires most members of the society to use public transport since vehicles account for a very large percent of carbon emissions to the environment (Baker, 2012). Therefore, the application of public transport, carpooling and the use of low carbon fuels highly reduce the pollution levels in the global environment. Similarly, the world governments should come up with high and strict standards for coal-powered plants. The governments can apply this strategy by not giving subsidies to coal plants (Baker, 2012). The governments should give incentives to those firms that only produce zero emissions of gasses that affect the environment. The world governments should also get involved in research activities so as to come up with low carbon technologies. Therefore, this will help to reduce carbon emissions to the environment in the current future times in the world.


Global warming can be solved by following the proposals in the above text. The world nations, industries, and households should follow the strategies in the proposal as one of the solutions to global warming. The solutions to global warming are the best to solve the issues that face the world.

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