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Global Supply Chain Metrics

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Global Supply Chain Metrics

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Global Supply Chain Metrics
There is a need for an organization to get to know the relationships existing between its marketing metrics and profitability. However, many of the business have never taken this factor with the importance it requires but t plays a very crucial role. Firms are always facing a continuous increase in pressure in the justification of their marketing costs. It is, therefore, important for the company to integrate its existing knowledge concerning the impact of its customer’s metrics about the company’s financial performance. The company is therefore supposed to investigate about its perpetual customer metrics such as the satisfaction of customers and observing the behavioral metrics like customer preservation and lifespan value. The business must understand that customers are very essential for the company’s existence, and the business will not realize its revenues, profits and market value when there are customers to buy their products (S and Zuckerman,407).
Concerning the pharmaceutical metrics the company needs to assess its capital market performance by looking at its share price share and the way it has been changing in comparison to the company’s market share valuation about its planning. When the company understands its health performance, it will be in a good position of developing an accurate assessment of its share of price performance (Inc, Koller and Goedhart, 129). Al…

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