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Global Perspectives Assessment

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Criminal Justice
Crime is not limited to nations and it is a grand thing that could affect individuals all over the world. With the technological advancements, people can commit crimes at the comfort of their homes, and, therefore, criminal justice systems need to be extra careful as they handle such cases. Globalization has contributed to so many crimes such as cybersecurity, terrorism, and cyber-bullying that the criminal justice systems have to combat no matter what laws are in place. There are different law systems in the world to deal with crime, and, therefore, different verdicts are delivered on the same offense in different nations that have various law structures. Globally, police forces have undergone training that tends to be similar so as to improve the response to emergency cases and to ensure the social well-being of all parties in the nation. The criminal justice systems have a duty of ensuring that rules and regulations are adhered to, and all citizens are safeguarded.

Globalization is defined as the procedure of collaboration and incorporation among individuals, firms or national governments of various countries driven by the worldwide exchange of goods and services facilitated by information technology. Globalization promotes good relations between nations, but it also has impacts on the criminal justice structures of the various countries. The criminal judicial system of the US consists of the correction dep…

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