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global HRM staffing models

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In large multinational conglomerate organizations, human resource management professionals inculcate unique staffing models. The multinational organizations may have different branches in different continents hence contain staff who can be summarized in three categories; namely, expatriate, host-country national, and third-country nationals. These categories of staff working in international companies define the models of global HRM staffing as discussed below.
Ethnocentric Staffing
In this model, HRM professionals select expatriates from the organization’s home country to occupy important positions in the Subsidiaries. This policy aims at ensuring that the subsidiaries are in line with the culture and organizational ethics of the home office. In most cases, the expatriates are appointed from the headquarter offices and transferred t the foreign office to safeguard the interest of the mother company. Ethnocentric staffing presents an advantage that the foreign subsidiaries are aligned with the interests and policies of the home offices. Also, ethnocentric staffing ensures there is no barrier to communication as well as presenting an aspect of predictability since the expatriates who are selected to serve in subsidiaries have a clear performance record. On the other hand, staffing of expatriates may be disadvantageous since it is costly as compared to hiring locals. Moreover, a company with a high ratio of expatriates may lose moral and social support from the locals (M…

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