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give a constructive respectful response to post unit 5

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1. Medical malpractice has been on the verge of increase in the recent years due to many physicians and doctors not conducting themselves in professional and ethical manner. A large number of medical payouts issues indicate negligence leading to deviation from the standard of care ought to be offered to patients. Heath administrators should by all means ensure that they conduct themselves ethically. Also, matters of disagreement relating to healthcare should be determined in the present of an Attorney.
2. The use of sophisticated Virtualized systems of data storage in an organization brings many challenges. However, organizations need to rearrange their IT budgets to incorporate the costs of maintaining the modern virtualized systems for data management to tap the benefits associated with the advancement in data storage. Furthermore, despite such challenges arising such as overburdening the IT team with the ambiguous task of managing many virtual servers, the management of the company ought to embrace virtual data storage systems.
3. Both Oracle and Microsoft Limited have continued to saturate the manufacture of BMS packages and have even started to award professional certificates to those who can manage their packages. This domination of the industry has greatly continued to affect other small firms who would like to venture in the industry. To counter this and remain competitive in the market, companies especially small ones that don’t need much flexibility in their programs can alternatively forego the flexibility and opt for programs that can be run and operated by non-certified owners.
4. Several RDBMs are available in the market for different users to choose from, but the most widely used are Oracle and MS SQL server. Customers and organizations should choose RBDMs that can allow great flexibility, easy maintenance, and advanced security system. When operating on Microsoft operating system, it is highly advisable that a company prefers MS SQL database management system for storing its data. This is the most efficient and allows high security for data stored from unauthorized users.

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