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Climatic or weather consequences of greenhouse gases

Climatic Consequences of Greenhouse Gases Name Institutional Affiliation Climatic Consequences of Greenhouse Gases Major issues A front of gases encompasses the earth as the environment which enables the more significant part of the light to go through and also reaches the surface of the earth. This light from the sun is consumed by the earth surface and changes over into warm vitality. This warmth vitality is re-radiated by the surface of the earth amid the night. Due to the top nearness of some gasses in the climate, this escape of warmth from earth surface is anticipated, bringing about the warming of earth called “global warming.” The gasses which are in charge of causing a...

Describe the tectonic cycle

The Tectonic Cycle Name Institutional Affiliation The Tectonic Cycle One of the most disastrous and most significantly recent earthquakes was the March 2011 earthquake that occurred in Japan. The quake was referred to as the Tohoku earthquake. The earthquake was later discovered to have caused the Hamdori Fukushima earthquake as an aftershock. The earthquake was measured to have an estimated 9.0 magnitude according to the Richter scale. Since then, it has been considered as the third most massive earthquake recorded in the surface of the earth during the last decade. The tremor was as a result of the slipping of the Pacific plate under Japan. The USGS recorded that the Tohoku tremor had...

Natural Selection.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Natural Selection Charles Darwin postulated the theory of natural selection as part of his evolution theory (Bortz 8). According to Darwin, variation existed among a population to ensure the survival of the offspring. Additionally, natural section occurred as the organisms evolved as their surrounding environment changed. In some cases, the variation occurred due to mutations that were passed from filial offspring to the second generation of the offspring (Bortz 60). Natural selection was observed in birds as the food supply or change in nutrition changed. Thus, birds, despite being from the same species, have different types of beaks which...

Process of desert formation

Process of Desert Formation Name Institutional Affiliation Process of desert formation Introduction A desert can simply be defined as a dry environment or place that gets rainfall which is less than 25 inches annually. It is a place that is characterized by dry conditions and thus the presence of minimal plant and even animal cover on the desert biomes. The desert regions lack moisture almost for the whole year and therefore also if they receive some rainfall, it is still lost through evaporation. In the world, deserts cover 33% of the earth surface. Formation of Deserts Deserts are formed through a process called weathering. The formation results from rainy seasons following each other...

Issue of overpopulation

Issue of Overpopulation Author’s Name: Institution: Issue of Overpopulation Introduction Every ecological niche has a carrying capacity meant to hold a certain size of a population. When a populace of a certain species exceeds what a niche can hold, then overpopulation occurs. This concept is determined based on the important resources that an individual requires to survive, compared to their number. Such an effect may be caused by an exhaustion of resources, increase in immigration, and increase and decrease of births and mortality rates respectively. Human beings and animals (both wild and domestic) can be found overpopulated in an area over a certain period. The current estimated...

Seawater Paper

Seawater Paper Student’s Name Institution Seawater Paper Water plays many roles in the entire life of the living things both animals and plants. The amount of drinkable water is little in comparison to the water that is not suitable for domestic human use. The percentage of water in the universe is greater than the actual land that man inhabits. The water in the universe may exist in either liquid or solid form (Emery, 2012).. Water is saline, fresh or estuarine water. Saline water is the one that has the highest salt concentration followed by estuarine water then fresh water is almost 0% of the salt...

The Creation of the Ocean Floor Paper

The Creation of the Ocean Floor Name Institution The Creation of the Ocean Floor The plate boundaries are the underlying forces that form the earth’s crust. They are the different broken segments of the crust. It is, therefore, true that the earth surface is not one single plate that is connecting from one end to the other. It is a composition of different parts of the earth that forms the entire crust. Several plate boundaries exist in nature of geology. We have three types of plate boundaries that exist in nature; 1. Divergent plate boundaries In the case of a different boundary is a scenario where there is a fault that forms between the plates. The two plates...

Water scarcity in UAE

Water Scarcity in UAE Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Water scarcity is among the major issues to be faced by many societies and the world on the loose. It is usually characterized as a circumstance when water accessibility in a nation or an area is underneath 1000 m3/person/year. However, many areas in the World experience serious water shortages, living with less than 500 m3/person/year, which could be viewed as extreme water shortage. The edge of 2000 m3/person/year is considered to show that an area is water pushed following under these conditions populations face vast issues when a dry season happens or when man-made water deficiencies are made, (Pereira, Cordery & Iacovides,...

Land Restoration

Name Instructor Course Date Chesapeake Bay Land Restoration Introduction Land restoration is an ecological restoration process of a site, habitat, water body or natural landscape to make it safe for plant communities, wildlife, marine life and human beings. The site may have been destructed by natural causes such as desertification or by the activities of human beings such as deforestation, mining, and pollution among others. Many sites across the world have undergone restoration so that they become useful to human beings, wildlife, and plant’s life again. Chesapeake Bay Program is one such successful land restoration program in the United States. It involves regional partnership to carry...