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South Coast Air Quality

South Coast Air Quality Name of Student Name of University 3 June 2015 Ozone and the Sources of Ozone Pollution Ozone or O3 is a gas molecule. It is very common in the Ozone layer of the stratosphere, and is usually very helpful in preventing the harmful UV rays from reaching the ground. However, closer to the ground, it causes damage to the lung tissues. Tailpipes, smokestacks, and other sources, greatly contribute to the rise of Ozone levels in especially the troposphere. Impact on Human Health Ozone affects the human health by reacting with the lung tissues. Thus, anyone who spends time outdoors may be affected by the Ozone pollution. The groups, who are among the worst affected ones of...

Water Pollution

Student name Class name Instructor name Date Beach Water Pollution and Quality in Long Beach There are many primary sources of beach water pollution. They can be listed in the following manner. Storm water runoff (water that originates as rain or melted snow water, but during the course of its journey accumulates waste from land, such as human and animal fecal matter; plant, animal, and construction debris; roads, rooftops, and so on). Waste generated by sewer systems (this can constitute leaks of human and industrial waste from old and malfunctioning pipes, or a combination of raw sewage and runoff waste from human establishments and industries). Waste from boating systems (mostly in...

Fuel Economy and Café Standards

Generally, richer and economically advanced countries have higher gas prices compared to poorer or gas producing countries. However the US is an exception; despite being economically superior, the gas price is low. For the period between 2nd February 2015 to 11th May 14, 2015, the world average gas price was 1.38 compared to 0.69 for the US. The price of gas in a particular country can be used to regulate the consumption by use of taxes or subsidies. The introduction of gas tax would make gas more expensive and therefore people would drive less. Subsidies on the other hand reduce the cost of gas and consequently increase consumption. A good example is Venezuela, where the government has greatly...

Biases in Reporting News

Student's Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Biases in Reporting News Bias in reporting news and public information meant for public consumption is a frequent occurrence, especially in the media fraternity. Considering the fact that a majority or a large percentage of the consumers of news and information are not able to make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding issues concerning public strategy in the situation that there is distortion in their reliable source of information, it becomes crucial to citizens of different countries that there are fairness and no biases in the reporting of news. Media bias takes place when a media organization publishes or airs a story in a manner...


Name Professor’s name Course number: Date #5 News events are often reported differently based on both the source of the information and the bias the reporting agency might hold towards the events. Bias in reporting may tilt a story making the meaning of a certain event seem different when reported by different agencies. This paper captures the details with which three agencies (CNN, Aljazeera and the daily beast) reported the events surrounding the bombing down of the Russian war planes by Turkish air fighters. Opinions the news agencies agreed upon by all the three media agencies are as follows; Turkey is not in any way intimidated by Russia. The event reignited the confrontation...

biography on Walter Christaller

Student’sName Professor’s Name Subject Date Walter Christaller and the Central Places Theory In this essay, we aim to provide some biographical facts about Walter Christaler as a way to understand the role he played in modern geography. Also, we intend to explain his central places theory in a jargon-free way that can be easily understood. INTRODUCTION Walter Christaller Biography. Walter Christaller was born in 1893 in Berneck, Germany. He studied philosophy and political economics. After pursuing a variety of occupations, he returned to his studies and published his most famous dissertation "The Central Places in Southern Germany". In that dissertation, he explained and developed his...

Changing Patterns of Global Manufacturing

Changing Patterns of Global Manufacturing 1. Lower labor costs account for more than a half of China’s price advantage; this is because it has greatly reduced the labor component directly. In addition, the productivity of the workers in coastal mainland China and its environs is higher as compared to many other nations; this can be seen in the fact that the Chinese manufacturers, for example, can save more than fifteen cents on the manufacturing dollar for their labor costs. This is due to the rapid economic growth in the Asian countries and the tight labor markets. In addition to this, This increase in productivity has in the long run adjusted the Chinese wages. 2. Most regional and...

Nationalisims in Ireland

Student Professor Course level Date Nationalism in Ireland Executive summary Nationalism is the feeling that people have towards their country for a shared history, culture, and principles. The spirit of nationalism brings a people together and gives them a sense of pride towards their nations, and what they share as a group. As indicated by Cairns and Shaun (356), the British wanted to introduce their culture to the Irish people by assimilation but was failed. The sense of pride and a feeling of uniqueness in their culture made the Irish people decline the British offer. England and Scotland had formed a collaboration and attacked Ireland. The result was the partitioning of the 26 Free...