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Every living creature does one thing is a similar way: In order to multiply and increase, it reproduces more of itself by copying its manual of molecular instruction-the genes- and this passes the information to its offspring. Ever since the beginning of life, this has been happening to all creatures. However, a question such as one person looks different from their relatives and develops in diverse ways of getting acquainted with the world. Over the last century, scientists have tried to find out the possible answers to such and many questions. They started their research being assisted by the science of genetics. It is possible that the first thing a person will think of when hereditary issues are called into question is genetics. They are the fundamental concept that can clearly explain the variations and similarities that manifest in all living creatures.
Essentially, genetics has contributed to the understanding of the reproduction of different living organisms. Today, it is without a doubt that genetics has helped humanity to solve different dilemmas that could otherwise be impossible without its knowledge. For instance, when two couples disagree about their baby as a result of the unfaithfulness of one their partners, genetics is key to helping them identity the parents of the child. Through the knowledge of DNA and its replication, scientists came up with equipment to find out whether the DNA of the child matches that of the parents.
Through the knowledge of RNA and DNA has helped doctors to determine if an individual is vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or asthma. Almost every cell in the body of a human being has DNA strand, usually 6 feet long, within which information of an individual is locked. Genetics is, therefore, an important topic and factor in this modern error. The modern technology has also helped to improve the usefulness of genetics in scientific and medical research.

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