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Generalizing Study Results

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Generalizing Study Results

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Generalizing Results
Generalization will involve drawing broad inferences from specific observations. The observations made from a particular study can be applied to other cases as well and expect similar results (Martyn & Lyndsey, 2008). From the case study in California, it is evident that the Laws enacted by the government to assist families can help in reducing long-term dependency.
From the above case study, it can be generalized that the Federal law of ensuring Temporal Assistance for Needy Families has proven to be satisfactory about reducing the long-term assistance that the government should provide to needy families. The programs provided by the county can be applied to other state counties to reduce the level of dependency from needy families especially long-term dependency. In California State, even after reducing the number of families that enrolled in the programs to 13,000 in 2006, the number of individuals who enrolled in education programs was still satisfactory. Similarly, enrolment to other programs was still high after because the operational costs of the government were very high even though the number of families was reduced. Therefore, the inspection of the entire population makes the findings general statements
The results from California can be applied to other states as well considering the fact even after reducing the number of families still the county experienced very high enrolment ratio. From the particul…

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