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Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Gender Inequality
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Gender Inequality
Women in the society have been alienated from the labor market because of their perceived family responsibilities (Acker, 2006). The article tries to find and understand the various work arrangements and policies that alleviate women from being given working opportunities in the labor market. The topic of the article is “Gender Inequality in Job Authority: A Cross-National Comparison of 26 Countries. Through the article the authors point the fact that friendly environments for women are vital for their employment opportunities. Due to the high demands in the family, most women find themselves engaged in family matters more compared to other job opportunities around their region of stay. This results to gender segregation and overall negative consequences when the women search for employment opportunities.
The article therefore, tries to answer the question of why women are segregated in the workplace environment and utilized more in the family spectrum. By conducting this study the researchers wanted to get clear pictures from different nations about women and their employment status. They also desired to know and explain gender gap and the overall concentration of women in other public sectors. The research makes use of quantitative methods as it engages various data sources from different nations. The researchers made use of ISSP, which is a module that was used on work orientation. The use of …

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