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G.M.O why they are bad

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Meeting the basic needs of every person is the desire for every nation. Looking into food aspects, millions of people go hungry every day. The advent of technology and the unfolding of food technology over the years especially genetically modified plants (GMOs) was thought as a genesis that would address the food basket (Estabrook, 1). However, in the recent years GMOs have gotten intensive media attention. Notwithstanding, the general public lack concrete knowledge about what genetically modified technology/ organisms may or may not bring in favor for the health of people, environment, and the nation at large. As this debate of whether to adapt or not adapt the GM technology, the GMOs continue being introduced in Europe, USA, and other developing countries. This has raised eyebrows on the potential health issues that the GMOs adaptation may pose to the nation (Prakash et al., 2011). This collection will explore the reasons why the GMOs are bad and whether the government should ban GMOs or not and give reasons.
Transgenic plants
Transgenic plants (GM plants) refer to plants whose recombinant DNA technology was employed to come up with such species. The technology involves using a foreign gene to modify original genes. The gene code will present a specific characteristic or trait to that plant. There are various ways in which the technology can be used. For instance, t…

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