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Functional Anatomy 2

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Functional Anatomy 2

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Functional Anatomy
Describe the clinical procedure for testing contractile tissue.
These structures are tested through maximal contraction of the muscle against resistance. The movement is performed isometrically where the applied tension that causes pain falls on the muscle and the structures attached to it (Oliver, 56).
List 2 contractile tissues.
1. Muscle-bone attachment (origin)
2. Tenoperiosteal junction (insertion)
Describe the clinical procedure for testing inert tissue.
These are tested only by passive stretching and squeezing.
Define inert tissue and list 6 examples of inert tissue.
These tissues do not possess the capacity to contract and relax examples include:
1. Joint capsules
2. Peripheral nerves
3. Aponeuroses
4. Ligaments
5. Dural sleeve of the nerve root
6. Bursae
List 5 reasons why AROM may be noted as abnormal, and how you would describe each:
1. Muscle spasm
2. Muscle deficiency
3. Neurologic deficit,
4. Contractures
5. Pain
Describe in your words, why it is important for a clinician to note whether pain or loss of movement is the primary limiting factor for a client’s inability to perform full Active Range of Motion (AROM) or Passive Range of Motion (PROM). For example, your client is unable to lift their arm over their head. Why is it important to know if the limitation in their arm is from pain or loss of motion? How does this affect the rest of your assessment?
Pain is the main complaint from the patient, and it is plausible tha…

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