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Freud’s view of the Oedipus Complex dissolution/resolution of the Oedipus Complex

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Freud’s view of the Oedipus Complex dissolution/resolution of the Oedipus Complex

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The term oedipal complex was initially used by Sigmund Freud as he developed a theory to explain the stages of psychosexual stages of development in an attempt to explain or describe the boy child feelings of attraction to the mother and anger and envy towards the father (Fear, 2005). Basically the boy may feel like he is competing with the father for the belonging and possession of the mother. The boy sees the father as a threat for her affections, desires and attentions.
In terms of the psychoanalytic theory, Oedipus complex may refer to the desire of a child to sexual engagement with a parent of opposite sex, specifically the boy’s amatory concentration, attention and attraction to the mother.
Freud argues that the complexity of Oedipus plays an imperative function in the stage of Phallic where a kid undergoes psychosexual growth. Freud also trusts that if the stage completes successfully and the child manages to involve himself or herself with a parent of opposite gender ultimately, this involvement leads to development of a sexual identity that is mature.
As this theory explains, the boy child admires to seize or possess the mother fully and if possible out do the father, who this child always sees as a great enemy for the mother’s love.
The Freud Oedipus complex usually happens or takes place on the phallic stage of the children between the ages of three to five years,…

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