Formula Analysis on either 2 Commercials or Movies

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Formula Analysis on either 2 Commercials or Movies

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Formula Analysis
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Formula analysis of movies
Movies come in different genres with different stories tailored for a particular market niche. The creation of movies has always been a lucrative billion dollar industry. However, despite the fortunes that come from the industry, some movies engage the societal issues through themes on the contemporary problems of the society. Selecting two movies to make a formula analysis brings an opportunity to make a comparative analysis of the various elements visible in the modern plot formulation of films. I have selected the following movies: The gangster squad and Law Abiding Citizen.
Comparison of the formulas
Using the grid for Formula analysis, it is possible to note down the pattern between the two movies. Both movies follow the action/adventure formula and a similar plot of vengeance through blood bath violence. We have a group of five dedicated heroes in gangster squad determined to stop mickey’s reign. Law Abiding Citizen has its hero, Detective Rice, who struggles to stop the killings through every mean. The setting of both movies is in an area full of violence with the emphasis on lawlessness. In Law Abiding Citizen, Clyde engages in a vengeance mission despite the court ruling. He violently kills the perpetrators who directly and indirectly were involved in his wife’s death, with fewer regards to the law of the land. Similarly, gangster squad is full of violence and lawlessness. Detective John meticulously plans unofficial sporadic and violent attacks on Mickey’s investments. In both movies, corruption is rampant in both the police and justice department making them ineffective in their legal roles.
Despite the two different time periods in the movies, there exists a similar stereotype associating villains and mob leaders to harming the society. It is imperative for one to note that the existence of such characters in the society only results to harm the innocent and anyone who opposes their crusade. The intruders rape and kill Clyde’s family while Mickey is responsible for harming or killing the men who oppose him. The different time zones reveal how movies conform to particular convictions that are now common in societies. The beliefs of connecting mob leaders and thieves to the problems the society faces.
Both movies held on the belief that the justice system is incapable of giving a fair ruling on the vices conducted by criminals. The law creates some loopholes in it that help the guilty walk out freely. Alternatively, corruption is a vice that may have taken the captive of the justice system. The insufficiency is visible in the two-time frames. They both believe that at one point in life, one has to break the law to implement an effective justice system understandable to the guilty. Clyde goes on to revenge his wife’s death when the justice department failed to punish the criminal despite the underlying sufficient evidence provided in the court. Similarly, Detective John and his team are given an unofficial duty to destroy the reign of Mickey since the justice department was corrupted, so could not put the mob leader behind bars despite his numerous atrocities.
Gangster squad and Law Abiding Citizen are films that operate on a similar myth, to a particular degree. The myth of the good overcoming the evil. Both movies have the good people and the bad people. In the end, both movies reveal how the good end up being victorious while the bad perish or are reduced to insignificant beings. Mickey ends up being a subject of humiliation as he suffers unexpected overhaul from his throne of power. Some of his most vicious followers perish in battle. Although some of the few good people die in the crusade, the endgame is that the good is credited for bringing changes in the society. The rhetoric in Law Abiding Citizen is somehow confusing. Clyde’s quest was to hunt down every person involved in the murder syndicate. He gets to avenge his wife by killing all the subjects involved. However, the movie takes a drastic change where the Clyde now becomes the enemy of the state (the bad guy). Nick Rice now becomes the hero who succeeds in taking Clyde down. The turn of events brings in some mixed reactions on whether Clyde’s actions were justified.
How do formulas change over the years?
The formulas in movies are inspired by the changes the society goes through. Many directors would want to make a reflection of the issues that the modern society faces. For instance, if violence is still rampant in many societies, it is crucial to point out the specifics as well as the remedies to suppress it. Therefore, the society influences the changes of formulas. Time is also an influencing factor in the changes of formulas. The time aspect is crucial for movie directors to identify the variations when focusing on an individual. For instance, the change from childhood to teenagehood. As directors chose their focal point, they consider the changes a person undergoes throughout his life. Movies on a drama genre would appeal to grown-ups while animated movies would appeal to children.
Formula Grid of Gangster Squad and Law Abiding Citizen
Artifact Beliefs Myth Hero Setting Ritual Stereotype Formulas
Movie Gangster squad One has to bend the law to help make it Good overcoming evil
The myth of romantic love Jerry Wotters, John O’Mara, Marx Kennerd are the heroes who strive to take down a mob leader, Sean Penn, famously known as Mickey. A setting of violence, corruption and lawlessness Rite of unity and code of loyalty Mob leaders have the unsatisfied need to expand their dominance to other areas through violence or harming the ones who oppose them Action/adventure
Law Abiding Citizen For justice to be effective, one has to bend the laws Good overcoming evil Nick Rice Violence, corruption and lawlessness Rite of passage e.g. the funeral of Clyde’s wife and daughter Villains always have the intentions of bringing harm to the society Action/adventure
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