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Admission Essay: Exemption from English Tests
I trust that the experience and skills I have in both written and spoken English prove my proficiency in the language. I undertook several courses at Central Queensland University in Australia that provide evidence of my excellent mastery of the English Language. I was awarded a certificate in both written and spoken English on 18th December, 2014 by the Central Queensland University.
During this period in Central Queensland University, I got an in-depth exposure to the English language through courses undertaken. I have skills on how to conduct presentations, participate in discussions, compose narrative texts, and the language skills to use when seeking jobs. As can be seen from my transcript, my grading is that of competency achieved in all the units in Certificate II that concern both written and spoken English. In addition, the courses I did in small business management have provided me with the necessary skills on how to efficiently communicate using the English language. In this course, I performed well in the areas concerning addressing customer needs, marketing, and coordinating the resources of the business. All these sections have given me a better understanding of the English language.
Moreover, I have been certified to be an assistant retail pharmacist that shows that I am capable of communicating efficiently with the customers. I was awarded this certificate from Open College of business, management and marketing. The course gave me in-depth understanding of the importance of having both written and spoken skills in the English language.
I believe that the stated skills that I have gained in the English language allow me to be exempted from undertaking the English proficiency tests. In addition, the award I got in both written and spoken English proves my excellence in the mastery of the language.


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