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for-profit and non-profit hospitals revised

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for-profit and non-profit hospitals revised

Category: Case Study

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For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Hospitals Debate
In this essay, we shall make a comparison between profit, and non-profit hospitals. That way, we aim to answer a few questions concerning the discussion.
What is your position on the for-profit vs. non-profit debate? Without a doubt, there is a need for profit in every part of the medical profession. The problems in not whether we are favorable or against for-profit organizations. It is more along the lines of the ethical issue underneath. In a strict sense, our research has concluded that non-profit centers offer better care to patients. If that is true, our position is on the non-profit organizations.
Do for-profit hospitals need more regulations? In 2010, the government introduced the Affordable Care Act, this act made necessary that the hospitals clarify the services they provide as a way to know how much the institutions charge for the services offered. Strictly, that law has regulated the behavior of many hospitals, forcing them to control their prices and provide charitable attention for those in need. Besides, given the fact that many for.profit hospitals benefit from federal programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, it is important to control that those benefits don’t go to the pockets of the facility’s stakeholders and are used in what is critical. It is not a matter of attacking private healthcare, instead what the act intends is to cla…

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