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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Ethics in Social Work Practice
Institutional Affiliation
In the current world, we live in a society that constitutes persons of different culture, race, religion, and personal beliefs. Consequently, many human service professions have shifted the focus to ensure professionals observe personal ideals as well as operational ethics to uphold diversity. The social works profession primarily deals with facilitating human well-being and ensuring that the less fortunate and vulnerable members of the society are empowered and receive their basic needs (Assembly, 2008).
Therefore, for social work professionals, it is vital to be culturally sensitive hence ensure that one’s cultural bias does not influence the helping process or negatively impact the social worker-client relationship. In social work practice, it is common to encounter with clients of a different culture, race, beliefs, personal values, and lifestyle. In this regard, social workers are required to align their practice with the cultural competency model, hence, ensure that the clients receive the best of care in the helping process. First, the social workers need to practice self-awareness, thus, ensure that personal beliefs or biases on the client’s culture do not influence the helping process. Secondly, the social worker should understand the culture and way of life of the client as per the practice environment to avoid misconceptions and shrugging with the beliefs of the locals. Third, the social worker …

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