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financial issues in healthcare reform

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financial issues in healthcare reform

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Incorporating APRNs in the Society
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Incorporating APRNs in the Society
Nursing in the United States has attained a higher notch with the increased number of APRNs. Patients with acute conditions can now access medical attention at or near their homes, which is more convenient to them and the medical sector at large. The government is taking all the means possible to bring down the medical and Medicaid cost as low and affordable as possible (Liaw et.al. 2014).In APRN nursing practice, a nurse is allowed to offer customized service to a family or an individual patient from the comfort of their homes or within their clinics.
Though it has cost him a lot of own funds and donations, Buffet, who is a practitioner in cancer diagnosis and treatment, has been of great help to the community around Iowa. Many cancer patients have been saved the long wait and quite a great deal of money they used for their treatment. His heart to serve the community has made the life journey comfortable for those living with life-threatening illness.
With government making such legislations empower nurses and encourage them to move a notch higher in their practice, patients with long-term health conditions can access treatment easier saving on their time and stress (Liaw et.al. 2014). Such practice will also encourage the public to get medical tests and access advice easily to enable them makes proper health decisions. Since they are registered physicians,…

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