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Final Project

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Final Project

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 550

Final Project
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Final Project
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Dear sir/madam,
The mindset of an individual is an aspect that is very important in determining their successes in their day to day undertakings. This paper will focus on types of mindset namely fixed and growth mindsets. As shared by Cherry (2018), mindset refers to the manner in which individuals view qualities such as talents and intelligence. For instance, in that, some individuals could view them as changeable characters while to others such qualities are fixed and cannot be altered.
Individuals who normally possess a fixed mindset usually believe that qualities such as talents and intelligence are permanent and unalterable. On the other hand, individuals with growth mindset usually consider the mentioned qualities as qualities that can be advanced through hard work and commitment. In a research carried out by Dweck, three rules in relation to the two types of mindsets were highlighted (Cherry, 2018). The first rule regarding fixed mindset was that an individual was expected to look talented at all costs. Indeed, in a growth mindset, the key rule was a continuous process of learning. The second rule in a fixed mindset was that an individual was not expected to work too hard or practice too much since they already had talent.
Besides, growth mindset required one to work with desire and devotion. The third rule in a fixed m…

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