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final exam essay

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final exam essay

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

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Supply Chain Management Case Analysis: Woodsynergy Inc
Executive Summary
A successful supply chain management system is the outcome of a process, technology and people that have been efficiently tapped when anticipating potential benefits that will be realized in the form of more profits and revenues (Geunes, Panos and Edwin 2). Woodsynergy is in the process of implementing a radical IT-based supply chain management system in two phases, and already the first phase has been completed. The second phase is anticipated in the future, and it is associated with more costs, but a potential for higher profits in the future. A strong case exists for the organization to continue investing in the new system, as the system will bring more clarity in meeting customers’ demand (Li et al 7). Eventually, the system will be subjected to measures and appraisals using certain key performance indicators and which include, cycle time, fill rate, lead-time compared to the industry norm, vendor pricing against that of the market, cash flow method efficiency, and supply booking procedures.
Issue Identification
Issues that are pertinent to the company include the following:
Implementation of a unified Enterprise Resource Planning system that would coordinate and order work tasks and share information towards production and distribution of the Woodsynergy products. Ultimately, the company settled on a remediation system that worked…

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