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films based on television series

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films based on television series

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The success of films based on television series
Films based on television can be successful or can fail. Many films have been produced based on television series. Some of these films have been successful while others have not been so successful. In my opinion, however, I find that such films tend to be more successful than not. I will defend my opinion based on three great films, which have proved to be successful together with their sequels. The films are Star Trek, Mission Impossible and 21 Jump Street. These films have seen their success spread over more than a decade except 21 Jump Street, which is the latest of the three.
Star Trek television series started in 1966 and ran through to 1969 with three seasons. The year 1979 was the airing of the first film.There are now twelve films of Star Trek quite a large number of sequels for any film. The original film together with its sequel has produced a franchise that is Star Trek. This franchise is so huge as is seen in a large number of fans who attend the Star Trek conventions. “Trekkers” is the name given to Star Trek fans. According to (Complex Magazine,2012), the best of all films based on television series are the Star Trek films. Star Trek estimates to have brought in $2.033 billion from the box office. In addition to this, it has won a number of awards in various categories. These achievements show that films based on television tend to be successful.
The second film based on television series and has been very successful is Mission Impossible. The original series ran from 1968 to 1973 with seven seasons. Mission Impossible, the first film aired in 1996, and there are now four other sequels. This year saw the release of the most recent film Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation. The Mission Impossible films have been quite successful. According to (Mendelson, 2015), the fifth Mission Impossible film crossed the $ 500 million mark at the worldwide box office. $ 500 million is a huge amount of money for just one film in the five sequels. A combination of all the five sequels means that Mission Impossible has been quite successful as a film based on the television series proving again how very successful films based on television series are.
The final film based on the television series I will consider shall be 21 Jump Street. The film has two sequels with the second called 22 Jump Street. The film bases its plot on the series 21 Jump Street, which ran from 1987 to 1991 with a total of 103 episodes. The first film topped the chart in its opening weekend (Smith,2012). The second film also faired very well upon its release in 2014. With the two films, both performing well proves beyond doubt that films based on television series tend to be successful.
In conclusion, despite the fact that some films with their plots basing on television series may not be successful, this is not the general rule. Based on the films that I have highlighted, it is proof that films based on films are successful to the point of establishing franchises that expand to comic books, novels and other products. Therefore, to any film producer who may be interested in producing films with plots basing on television series, please go right ahead.
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