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Fiction and Twilight

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Fiction and Twilight

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Fiction Books and Twilight
Being an avid reader since I was a child, I have read many titles. Nevertheless, I must say that the books I like the most are those oriented toward a young audience. This has made me quite open toward literature considered “worthless” to older readers. What I want from fiction is not smoke-and-mirrors, I want real make-believe. I want to believe that what is being told can happen. In the same way, I want relatable characters that are human, not superhuman characters that cannot be harmed. As I said earlier, my passion for books suited for young readers has made me an acrid critic of many titles. I tend to consider they offer chewed-down stories with the guise of being “for teens” or “for teenagers”. It does not matter whether you are seven or eighty years old, everyone wants to be challenged, that is why I consider that the best books are those who offer that possibility.
That is why, although I regard Twilight as an overhyped book, I recognize its importance in the modern English literature. However, I must say that in my opinion it offers a watered-down vision of a teenager’s life. In the first place, it puts Bella in the position of a worthless damsel in distress whose sole desire is becoming a vampire. When Edward refuses to grant immortality to her and decides to leave, Bella falls into a depression that lasts for months, only to be rescued by Jacob, an…

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