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Fences by August Wilson.

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Fences by August Wilson.

Category: Classification Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

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Fences: By August Wilson
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Fences: By August Wilson
Fences is a play written in 1983 by August Wilson. It described the life of a person called Troy, who was an African-American. He used to be good baseball player, however was a victim of racial discrimination and did not have an opportunity due to the racial barrier. He was also imprisoned for a murder which he committed unintentionally and was put behind bars. Troy has a wife named Rose and a son named Cory. Troy was released from prison and was employed in the garbage department, somewhere in Pittsburgh. He was escalated from the job of trash collection to a driver of the garbage van. The most sensitive scene in the playwright to me was the moment when Cory asked for Troy’s permission to join the football team. The scene is very touchy because this is the first time where he could feel that black men were accepted in the American mainstream society. The tragic and the touchy part of the event was that being a father, Troy discouraged the idea of Cory joining the football team. Troy feared that Cory could be a victim of racialism also. This situation is perhaps heart breaking for Cory, but I think it broke the heart of Troy more (Wilson, 1986).
Although Rose and Cory tried to convince Troy but Troy was so reluctant that he informed Cory’s coach that Cory would not join the team. The situation clearly portrayed the immense love for Cory, although he did n…

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