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Feminist criminology

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Feminist criminology

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Feminist Criminology

Part A.
Criminology has often been presented as one of the male-centered (otherwise termed androcentric) area of study in the category of social sciences. Much of the research and theories have majorly inclined towards male criminality and the way the justice system has responded to such male offenders. Women have only been the focus in instances of stereotypes. Criminality in the context of the female gender has only been applied in a paternalistic view with scholars claiming that women have possibly been represented in negative perspective or when they have failed to adhere to social, traditional models relevant to society. Further, in the quest of making criminology an independent social science, most of the research has been based on official records. The impact of this is that this science has failed to capture the important patterns of crime and how they are related or influenced by gender. Feminist criminology is therefore majorly based on exploring male and female offenses as well as how the justice system responds to such crimes.
Feminist criminology ideally places gender in focus in highlighting crimes committed by women and how various justice systems respond to the criminal activities.
It is evident that males traditionally commit offenses on a larger scale and importantly those that the society considers to be more sensitive and serious compared to those committed by women. Because women commit less crime…

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