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Feminism International Relation Theory

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Feminism in International Relations
International relations form a significant part of the political discussions of nation states. The advent of nation-states sets the groundwork for foreign affairs as countries interacted. It was characterized by the relationships between states and diplomatic relations. However, after the two world wars, international relations evolved as it adopted a different approach aimed at preventing war. However, this basic understanding undermined the real character of international relations. Various theories such as realism, constructivism, and liberalism have been advanced to explain the nature of international relations character. A further weakness of these arguments has been identified by feminists who hold that the current theories of IR are too masculine and lack the input of a feminist perspective (Dunne, Tim, Milja Kurki, & Smith 206). Among the issues identified included the place of women in international relations, their role as actors in international relations and the apparent absences of a feminist perspective in IR theories. As such, feminists have added to the body of work that is already present in international relations.
Liberalism is one of the significant viewpoints of international relations. It propounds that international relations are a consequence of the intentions and desires of foreign actors (Dunne, Tim, Milja Kurki, & Smith 96-98). It further hol…

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