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Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Federalists and Anti-federalist
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Federalists and Anti-federalist
When the United States was freed from the British rule, it wanted to establish a system of governance where oppression would be eradicated. Previously, the Articles of Confederation was able to connect all citizens but did not give power to the central government. In the same essence, the new Constitution aimed at safeguarding the safety of all the American citizens as well as maintain and enhance the central government powers. The idea of amending the Constitution faced different perceptions from different people with different perceptions and they were mainly Federalists and the Antifederalists. The Federalists were for the new Constitution while antifederalists were strongly against it.
Numerous debates erupted due to the divergence of the ideas of people considering the issue of drafting the Constitution the main argument was based on the future of America with the new Constitution. Antifederalists were concerned about the role that the central government would play and how the government would dominate the Americans. They believed that the Constitution was weak and that it did not provide the rights of the people. For growth of society only, the Federalists strongly rallied behind the new Constitution. Most of the federalists were believed to be the wealthy who were concerned about the welfare of other citizens (Jensen, 1934). The Federalists opposed the n…

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