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Fairfax board education add gender identity transgender to school curriculum (june2015)

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Fairfax board education adds gender identity transgender to school curriculum
Fairfax board education was the first school to embrace the issue of ending discrimination on sexual orientation immediate the United States Supreme Court allowed homosexuals marriage in the entire 50 States. The managing board of this school voted to adjust the school curriculum in that it incorporated issues of sexuality and the social aspect of it. Under the new curriculum, the school will introduce the topic to young students at ninth grade whereby they will gain light concepts regarding ways of making proper health decision, diseases caused by sexual intercourse and the entire human reproduction. At tenth grade, students will be subjected to learning growth and development in relation to adolescent and its resulting characteristics. Additionally, they will be introduced to sexual orientation that will incorporate the definition of the complex term such as homosexual, transgender, heterosexual and bisexual (Washington post, 1).
Consequently, the main point that Fairfax board education is trying to do is to advocate the message that people should not discriminate other people on sexual orientation profiling. However, this idea adopted by Fairfax board education will influence young children both negatively and positively. In my opinion, sex education should not be introduced to young students because their ability to evaluate the main agenda of that uni…

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