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Factory Farming

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Negative Impacts of Factory Farming To the Environment and Human Health
Just like many industries, factory farming can result into several environmental and human health negative implications that affect people near and far. Factory farming contributes to the society through the production of some vital or desired products, but we have to become more aware of the finite nature of the global resources and the effects of this industry upon these resources as well as our health. The greatest concern should be on the pollution of surface and ground water resources, industrial and agricultural chemicals used in factory farming, contamination and degradation of soil, release of toxic and odorous substances and the general effects on human health. It is clear that factory farming is destroying both the environment and human health.
Factory farming has been destroying the environment through production of very large amounts of waste within a small area with inadequate systems available to deal with this waste. The model also requires enormous resource inputs and energy for efficient production that includes generation of feeds and transports (Barker, 2). According to USDA, animals in factory farms approximately generate more than one million tons of manure daily. This amount is similar to three times of that produced by the country’s total human population. Comparing the disposal of this waste to that of hum…

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