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Eyewitness Testimony

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Eyewitness Testimony

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Words: 1100

Eyewitness Testimony
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An eyewitness testimony is a detailed account given by people who have witnessed an event. Over the years, the eyewitness testimony has been considered a reliable source of information and the juries pay close attention to it mostly because the confidence in the eyewitness testimony is persuasive but recent study shows that it might not be so reliable. The procedures in a criminal investigation can distort an eyewitness testimony and still the trauma of watching what happened could affect the individual psychologically. There are various reasons why eyewitness testimony is considered unreliable in most situations. Eyewitness testimony is thought to be affected mostly by psychological factors that may include anxiety or stress, weapon focus, and reconstructive theory. Stress or anxiety, for instance, that may rise from witnessing a real crime may affect the individual’s memory or more so limit the amount of information they can recall from that particular scene. Therefore, this piece of writing is geared towards analyzing the factors that make eyewitness testimony unreliable.

Eyewitness Testimony
One of the major reasons is a reconstructive memory. Bartlett in his idea of reconstructive recollection proposed that it is vital to an empathetic of the trustworthiness of eyewitness proof. He recommended that people’s capacity to remember is based on personal interpretation depending on what…

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