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Eyes of Janus: Evaluating Learning and Development at Tata Motors

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Eyes of Janus: Evaluating Learning and Development at Tata Motors

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

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Eyes of Janus: Evaluating Learning and Development at Tata Motors
Tata Motors is a car maker situated in India, whose headquarters are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It positively responded to the competitive industry and decided to redesign the human capital strategy. In their new investment strategy, the focused on ensuring that their investments were founded on refurbishing the learning and development functions for the employees of Tata Motors. Numerous schemes were launched to ensure a learning culture was initiated in the organization. This was to ensure that the organization was stabilized in its dwellings hence increasing their revenue. This made the company be recognized across the globe in the learning and development community. However, the company faces challenges in evaluating the efficiency of these programs based on their advantages and their capability to expand a learning culture in the organization. This paper focuses on analyzing these parameters, confining and evaluating these details so as to establish future investments in learning and development.
There was the human capital strategy that strived to develop a culture that performed highly through programs that were referred to as ACES (FitzRoy, 34). This program had four theories that included accountability, customer and product focus, excellence and speed. Under accountability, individual had to account for the progress and their contributions to the company….

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