Exploratory Essay

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Exploratory Essay
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Find any example of a real project with a real project manager. Feel free to use projects in the media (such as the Olympics, television shows, or movies) or a project from your work, if applicable

Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Project Management Review Project: Establishment of a public toilet Project scope: Build the toilet structures, including the building and its amenities, perimeter fence, water reservoirs and connection, installation of electricity, the establishment of a paying booth, landscaping and making of lawns and pavements. Time: 6th June 2015 to 30th July 2015. Cost: $20,000 The project met all its scope and time goals, but the total cost at the completion of the project exceeded the estimated one by $1800. The over-expenditure was attributed to the hiked prices of building material from the time of planning to the time of execution. Being an...

Making Responsible Choices in an Collegiate Environment

Making Responsible Choices in a Collegiate Environment Name: Institutional affiliation: Introduction To make precise, clear and attainable choices, decisions have to be made. Decision making is the process or the act of choosing the best among many alternatives. Students preferably use different approaches when making a lasting and effective decision. This involves the setting of goals, gathering of information and gauging alternatives. Steps of making effective decisions entail; Firstly, identification of the decision is vital. A decision has to be made, and the nature of the decision to be made must clearly be defined. Secondly, by gathering information which is relevant can be useful. A...


CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM Name: Institution: Date: CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM Capitalism refers to an economic system where the means of producing goods and natural resources are owned privately. There are three distinctive features that define capitalism. These features are the pursuit of personal profit, private ownership of property, and competition and consumer choice. Socialism, on the other hand, is an economic system where the means of production of goods and services and natural resources are collectively owned. Socialism exhibits three major features that are basically the opposite of the capitalism features. These features are collective ownership of property, government control...

The movie kid acted in 1995 is no typical Hollywood film

The movie kid acted in 1995 is no typical Hollywood film that shows superstars who live high-end lives, but it is about young boys and girls. These kids demonstrate how their life is and what they do to make them happy not worrying about breaking the law or behaving in wrong ways. What matters to the kids is their happiness, partying, wild and uncontrolled sex and anything that is considered illegal. The kids participate in crime which ranges from shoplifting to violence in the streets. The kids are involved in drugs such as weed without even having to worry about the consequences. One of the main characters, Telly, happens to be HIV positive from his constant unprotected sexual activities, and he...


A Suggested Procedure for Relaxing Questionnaire In this essay, we shall rate our relaxation from 1 to 5, pre and post a relaxation procedure. Afterward, we have to answer a series of questions concerning the exercise. Questions 1. Did you notice a change in your level of relaxation? When I started, I was around 4. The day had been quite stressful, and the procedure made me feel at ease and better with myself. I would say that my relaxation post-procedure lowered to 1. 2. How easily were you able to focus on the relaxation exercise when doing it? At the beginning, it was hard. However, after item number 6, it all went better. As I started moving my chest, and back...

managerial economics

Software Development Company Name Institution of affiliation Date EduTechSolutions Software Development Company Software Development Company commonly referred to as a software solutions company is a company that specializes in the delivery of a range of software products. The software products may be general or domain specific. General software developers offer solutions for software from all sectors of the economy. On the other hand, domain specific software solutions target a given sector within the economy. In this case, EduTechSolutions Software Development Company targets education based software solutions. The company aims at providing software products that might be of...

critically evaluate your leadership skills, demonstrating how these skills help you to lead and facilitate others in your specialty

CRITICAL EVALUATION OF MY LEADERSHIP SKILLS AND HOW THESE SKILLS HELP ME TO LEAD AND FACILITATE JUNIOR STUDENTS By Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0Introduction PAGEREF _Toc437325403 h 32.0Reflecting on Personal leadership Skills PAGEREF _Toc437325404 h 33.0Appraising Leadership Skills PAGEREF _Toc437325405 h 44.0Providing Emotional Intelligence and Self Reflection PAGEREF _Toc437325406 h 45.0Strengths and Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc437325407 h 56.0How to Use Strengths and Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc437325408 h 67.0My Leadership Style PAGEREF _Toc437325409 h 68.0Situation where Leadership is Best for me PAGEREF _Toc437325410 h 79.0How to...

Anabolic Steroid Use in Professional Baseball

[Professor’s Full Name What would have Kant and Ross thought about the use of Anabolic Steroids QUESTIONS Summarize Kantian Deontology. In Kantian ethics, morals are a priori, which means that nothing mediates it. In that sense, a priori knowledge is not dependent on the experience to exist, nor to explain the phenomena. If morals were a posteriori, they would depend on experience to existing. In that way, if morals depended on knowledge, they would not be universal, and necessary. That would mean that every person would have its set of moral rules, and would not necessarily respect the other. Kantian ethics and theory of morals can be considered deontological. That way, people, act...


William Lloyd Garrison Name of Student: Name of Institution: William Lloyd Garrison America is ranked among the super power countries in the world because of her profound development (Henretta, Edwards, & Self, 2011). This is based on the existing culture and extent of expansion that can be observed. Consequently, there are factors that are considered to be influencers of the culture and expansion, and this includes individual persons. This essay focuses on exploring William Lloyd Garrison as an individual who had the most impact on the American culture and expansion in 1815 to 1860. William Lloyd Garrison was an American journalist and activist who used speech and writing to champion...