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Explanation of ethics and relation to how we see it

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Explanation of ethics and relation to how we see it

Category: Synthesis Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: Academic

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Ethics is an important aspect or part of human beings that defines character, personality, principles and what one believes is right or wrong. It determines the level of social interaction and productivity of individuals in diverse settings. Spinoza (1) defines ethics as the branch of philosophy that defines individual’s moral aspect. It involves systematic defending and recommendation of either right or wrong concepts of conduct. That is, it helps in determining a person’s stand or view on an issue regarding the things he deems are right or wrong. This paper gives a comprehensive description of ethics with a focus on how we see it or feel about it.
Explanation of ethics and relation to how we see it
as noted ethics is a branch of philosophy that investigates pertinent questions that are integral in shaping individuals views on the diverse phenomenon. The questions border on morality, virtues, social values and code of conduct that human beings are expected to embrace. Some of the questions include 1. What is the best way of life that people should embrace? 2. How can one know the right or wrong things? 3. What are the right or wrong actions and what circumstances are they associated with?. The questions are pertinent as they help individuals to understand probable right things, wrong things including how to achieve them under the prevailing social context. The questions also help in affirming what one believes in given that ethics revolves around certain bel…

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