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Explaining a concept

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Explaining a concept

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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English 101
Explaining a concept
Freedom is something everyone in the world looks for in the time of living under the sun. Freedom is the aspect of being free and able to do things in your style without interruptions. It is the idea that you are free from the control of anyone or any party in the course of perfecting your activities. Freedom has its advantages and disadvantages as it is one of the most important elements of human life that many seek on a daily basis. The lack of liberty in life is the leading cause of conflict between different parties in the search for its manifestation (Largen).
Freedom is something that comes in various ways. Freedom at times can be the aspect of self-recognition that gives one the opportunity to do things as per his/her way (Jeffreys). It is the aspect that renders one the self-drive that is free from the control of anyone except his or her abilities. The idea of being free gives one the ability to control the influence people. It is an essential aspect that you will find worth culturing since it will facilitate self-recognition and development.
Freedom in the society is vital since it helps in creating independence and self-reliance. Freedom may be regarding social, political or economical. It all depends on what type of environment you live in as an individual. Society requires freedom as one of the essential ingredients for development (Jeffreys). Political liberty in the community is what makes people more active in perusing the development activities that pertains them. It is a way of expression that exhibits utilization of democracy as a way of governance. The people in the society can express themselves freely without and hindrance.
Freedom is not something that you will be able to attain in a straightforward manner. Freedom at times requires self-sacrifice and denial to achieve its advantages. It is only applicable if one looks for mechanisms of culturing it in the environment he/she is living. At times freedom is an aspect that will involve ignoring other people for you to reach the mark of liberty. Liberty is essential even though the process to attain it may involve conflicts and disagreements in the long run (Largen).
Freedom in the modern world is one of the aspects that are bringing a lot of controversy in the society. Many people in their activities they are looking for all means that are available to gain their freedom. The struggle is what is causing the many issues that are evident in the society. It is a way that the people in the society are looking for autonomy or independence. What many people fail to understand is that freedom is an aspect of life that is attainable if the people around you are accepting your ways of living (Frede). The social part of liberty is the point where all the people around you are admitting the ideas and facts you are presenting to them.
The idea of gaining freedom is a fundamental element towards independence and autonomy in the society. When freedom is a deficit in the society, conflicts and disagreements will be the talk of the day (Largen). Therefore, freedom is an essential component of the integrity of the community. Freedom without limits is also another cause of conflict in the society. The best way to deal with freedom is to operate within given boundaries.
Work cited
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