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Explain why you seek admission to accelerated nursing program at SUNY downstate Medical Center and why you have chosen a nursing health care career

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Explain why you seek admission to accelerated nursing program at SUNY downstate Medical Center and why you have chosen a nursing health care career

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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Admission at SUNNY Downstate Medical Center
I am a dedicated person who is passionate in becoming a qualified health professional despite the financial challenges that characterize my family. My father works seven days as a waiter in a restaurant and his income is not able to support our daily needs including my younger brother, leave alone education and medication. My mother is no more as she passed away when I was seven years old.
Despite the negative effects associated with such challenges, they have remained my motivator towards transforming my family and the community health wise. My aim is to employ professionalism, innovation and ethics in solving emerging health issues affecting various individuals promptly and indiscriminately. To this extent, I believe that the accelerated nursing program at SUNNY Medical Center is at the center stage of my success.
In particular, I seek admission to accelerated nursing program at SUNNY Downstate Medical Center because I have the necessary qualifications required for one to join the program. The second reason is attributable to its sound reputation and commitment to quality nurturing of nurses. The institution prepares holistic and knowledgeable nursing professionals who understand patients’ needs and solve them real time. Likewise, the institution has an encouraging history as its graduates get good jobs and impact the society positively through voluntary medical initiatives. It has enough learning equipment, infrastructure and qualified lecturers who guide students appropriately. The institution also cares about leaners welfare by offering educational grants for deserving students that I would appreciate if granted.
My interest in the health sector has been driven by the passion I have for saving lives. It is also informed by the long-standing suffering of patients in various settings including my community attributable to the delayed medical attendance because of inadequate nursing staff. I have been a victim to this as my mother passed away because of delayed attendance to her medical needs and I would not want other children to miss the parental affection due to such reasons. It is saddening according to the statistics from the health department that over 2% of deaths in the US are attributable to inadequate medical staff or delayed response to the needs of patients.
For these reasons, I request to be considered for admission at SUNNY Downstate Medical Center to pursue nursing studies. The training will enable me to fulfill my career objectives and develop the requisite capacity to offer quality-oriented solutions to health care challenges affecting my family, community and the global populace. It will also enable me to contribute to the institutions success through voluntary activities and mentoring programs.

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