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Explain the Hawthorne Effect and its influence on HRM practices today

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Explain the Hawthorne Effect and its influence on HRM practices today

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The Hawthorne Effect
The Hawthorne effect refers to the reaction or change of the trials participants’ behavior regarding of the output and productivity in the workplace when they realize that they are being observed or are party to a research study. This change happens when they change their behavior or become motivated when attention or interest is increased and not the treatment associated with it. The original Hawthorne study was aiming at studying the effect that light has on employee productivity (Holden, 2001). The researchers concluded that the output increased due to alterations made in the lighting, regardless of the level. Another research carried out in a different environment revealed the same, the level of productivity increased notwithstanding the type of alterations made and withdrawal of this led to a decline in the output. This change prompted the researchers to conclude that supervision, regardless of any experimental influence, was a way of improving output in the workplace. The general conclusion of the Hawthorne effect studies was that social factors, supervisor and employee relations directly influences the level of productivity by employees, and that the workplace is a social system comprising of interdependent parts.
Influence on HRM practices today
The Hawthorne effect remains to be used today, many years after its discovery. Other managerial…

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