Exemplification Essay

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Exemplification Essay
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Aura Contemporary Ensemble: Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor)

Name: Professor’s name: Course number: Date: Aura Contemporary Ensemble: Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor)On Monday, November 16, 2015, the University of Houston, Moore School of Music, presented the Aura Contemporary Ensemble at the Moores Opera House from 7:30 pm. The concert, dubbed Vecino del Sur (Southern Neighbor), featured music from the guest composer Javier Alvarez. They included; Metal de Corazones (2012), Horas marcades (2014), Chaconna (1991), Le Repas du Serpent (2004), Retour a la Raison (2004), n mambo (2001), Triple enclave (2004), Overture (2001) and Mambo a la Bracque (1990). The pianist of the concert, Tali Morgulis, was outstanding, and her performance, to me, was the...

the current debates in education

The Current Debates in Education In America, public education has been one of the most critical issues since 1983.A reform movement led by Horace Mann won widespread support for the need to make education available for all the children in America. Reformers always believed that Education would, in the long run, help children to become good citizens and thus able to escape poverty. The system of public education was created with two main purposes; prepare the youths for success in careers also to provide skills and knowledge so as to be engaged and informed citizens. The reforms helped correct inequality and discrimination in American education. In recent decades, the debate over...

Job Design Practices

The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practices Student’s Name College’s Name The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practice When we speak of good design practices, we are referring to a critical and conscious way of attentively performing one’s tasks, as well as anticipating consequences for others. In this sense, job design practices are the ones in charge of keeping the interactions between employees and their tasks flowing. (Lauche, 2005). There are four approaches to job design, in this essay, we shall approach them, and contrast their relevance in the worker’s performance. In order to avoid excessive citing, all the following design approaches were taken from Campion...

Satirical advice

Let’s face it, writing an essay is complicated. More often than not, students have to research and read a sizeable amount of books when they could be enjoying themselves and using their time in more interesting pursuits. Besides, even if they could, sometimes they just lack the time or the motivation. Hence, this set of instructions shall prove a priceless ally to struggling students. Step one: Google “essay writing services.” Do not worry about the moral implications, most students do not do this because they are evil, they just need an extra pair of hands to help them through their academic life. Besides, it is not plagiarism per se. These sites write custom content. Anyhow, there are many...

Name 3 things about your personality you could improve and why?, Tell me about your latest holidays and why did you enjoy it

Name of the Student Name of the Supervisor Subject Code 15 May 2015 Name 3 things about your personality you could improve and why? The three shortfalls in me are related to superstition, over-exhaustion and honesty. From childhood, I used to follow blindly all the religious rituals and by the time I reached my teenage, I started being over-possessive about superstitions. However, with education I have already realized how I have damaged my self-confidence and to increase my moral I want to get rid of it. Being superstitious even led me to dishonesty. I somehow failed to tell truth to people as I feared that something worse would happen all the time. Apart from that, I am a workaholic which is...


Graduation It is our honour to see you grow to become a responsible woman full of energy and focus in your life. We believe in you and we know that you will make it in your life, stand strong and put God first always. Love, Mom and Dad We look at you each day and we smile because of the joy you have brought to us. You can make it through your life if you keep faith in God, and keep focusing on the most important things. It is with great joy that we celebrate your achievement this day. Love, Mom and...

considered aspects of the debates around the representation of the human body andits use as an instrument of expression and transgression

Name Instructor Course Date Considered aspects of the debates around the representation of the human body and its use as an instrument of expression and transgression The human body is subject to both praise and transgression. The contention depends on the various societal perception on the sex, physical and mental stability of a person (Baldwin 317). The named aspects are considered to be the root to all innuendos directed to the human body. Human rights activists and other interested stakeholders closely monitor how the communities treat the weaker gender or the underprivileged handicapped people in the society. In terms of gender, many societies approve men to play the dominant role....

Nursing Ethics

 Writer’s Choice: Ethical Nursing Name of Student University Writer’s Choice: Ethical Nursing Every individual is guided through ethical decisions based on certain values and perspectives. The ethical Lens Inventory is an ideal personal evaluation tool that may be used by nursing personnel and others to interpret the values that influence their actions. By understanding such values for oneself and the client; situations of conflict can be avoided while better ethical decisions may be implemented (Gastmans, 2013). My personal core value in the "Ethical lens Inventory" matrix is the...

Independent hotel or a franchise hotel

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Independent hotel or a franchise hotel Food and beverages industries are very profitable only if is the setting and planning of the organisation are done well. Primarily, because food is a basic need that everyone needs to survive. Additionally, raw material such as agricultural products and seafood in this industry are cheaper. This is because they are locally processed, and the company does not incur importation cost. Therefore, this has caused a lot of competition in the Food and Beverages industries. Some businessmen have decided to operate their hotels while others prefer franchise system of the hotel. Consequently, the advantage of operating...